A fantastic concept for Marketing and Distribution.
A beneficial way to expand one's product is by Franchise.  The Franchise system has been successful and benefiting both the Franchiser and the Franchisee. A Franchiser who develops a product that is successful and operational and would like to expand his business may choose franchising, a method of distribution through other entrepreneurs.
Reens Corp are experts in organizing and establishing Franchise organization.

We provide services in:

1.  When to franchise

2.  How to organize the franchise system

3.  What are the legal requirements?
                     (A) Discloser
                     (B) Franchise Agreement
                     (C) Operational Manual

4.  What are the consequences?

5.  Recruitment and Selection of Franchise.

6.  Assist in obtaining capital.

7.  Site Selection.

8.  Education and Training


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